CONWAY, Ark. – After a violent crime committed last year, a 16-year-old has been declared fit to stand trial, and the case can now proceed.
The State Hospital determined Kane Millsaps, 16, of Conway, is mentally fit to proceed in the felony battery case.
Millsaps is charged charged as an adult with Felony First-Degree Battery and Misdemeanor Possession of an Instrument of Crime. These charges came after authorities were told of a YouTube video showing Millsaps hitting an unsuspecting 12-year-old boy while wearing brass knuckles.
Millsaps faces five to 20 years in prison if found guilty.
The trial will take place May 3-4 now that the State Hospital found Millsaps fit to proceed.
In its report, the State Hospital stated Millsaps did not suffer from a mental disease and that he understood the criminality of the actions he is accused of.
Millsaps told doctors he recently earned his GED and that he attended an alternative school before being arrested, noting he was arrested for the first time at 12 years old.
The State Hospital said Millsaps did not have a mental defect but did have a conduct disorder as well as an unspecified alcohol and cannabis use disorder. The hospital also noted he had an intermittent explosive disorder, which is connected with explosive outbursts of anger and violence.
“When asked why he seems to be in so much trouble, he reported, ‘I got real bad anger problems. I black out.’ He said he has a ‘real bad pride thing, think I got to prove myself,’” the report states.
Millsaps, who is currently being held in the county jail without bond, is set to appear in Faulkner County Circuit Court on March 31 for a pretrial hearing.
According to the State Hospital’s evaluation, Millsaps said he hopes the judge will let him go home now that he has a GED.
When asked what he wanted the outcome of “his current legal situation” to be, Millsaps said he wanted “another chance, adult probation, maybe a little treatment — not like DYS [Division of Youth Services], something that will help me,” according to the evaluation report.