Telehealth bridging the gap for patient and doctors during pandemic

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- An Arkansas based company is working with people who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, is urging everyone to take a few more steps to protect themselves.

While rules and regulations are changing daily with the virus, one thing that has been constant is the urge for everyone to stay home.​

“The number one thing is just staying home,” said Allie Barker, Director of Client Experience at Connect.​

As COVID-19 is spreading people are looking towards telehealth to get answers before heading into a doctors office.​

“Before coronavirus we were helping individuals living with chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc. and we were kind of helping bridge the gap between doctors visits,” said Barker.​

Allie Barker is a nurse at Connect and she said now that the virus is threatening people daily, their role is telemedicine has changed.​

“We talk through those symptoms and help them determined do I need to go to the emergency room or can I manage these conditions at home,” said Barker.​

Barker said everyone knows to wash their hands regularly and stay away from large crowds but she is pushing even more tips to keep people safe.​

“What’s most important is not going to these emergency rooms where other people that potentially or probably have had coronavirus,” said Barker.​

Barker said reducing the amount of exposure is the most important thing right now to ensure you don’t get the virus.​

“So whether that means helping the person in rural Arkansas find a grocery delivery service then that’s what our nurses are on the phone doing. Trying to find someone to bring them their groceries so they are not having to go to Kroger,” said Barker.​

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