The Message in a Bottle Mystery


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The letter was tossed out to sea more than a decade ago, never thought to been seen again. 

But now, a mysterious message in a bottle has made its way to central Arkansas, after washing ashore a few years ago. 

Clint Buffington’s family stumbled upon the letter, dated May 30th, 2007 and signed by a couple from Little Rock. 

“To whom it concerns:
Hope you are having a great day, your health is good, and you live a long and prosperous life. 
With love, Larry and Janie
Little Rock, AR, USA”

Buffington, a self-proclaimed “message in a bottle hunter” connects strangers across the globe through notes carried by the currents through his blog. But, he had failed to find who he calls the “Arkansas authors.” 

So, he asked if we could help him out. 

With only “Larry and Janie in Little Rock” to go on, our search efforts through public record were futile. But through the power of social media, we found Larry and Janie Sigler, who confirmed that was in fact their note written all those years ago during a Royal Caribbean cruise. 

“We were sitting out on the balcony, and just decided to throw it overboard,” Janie told us over the phone, shocked that anyone ever found the letter. 

The mystery of the message in a bottle, finally solved…ten years after the spontaneous decision that started it all. 

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