LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The mother of the 10-year-old girl killed at Boyle Park is speaking about her daughter’s life and tragic death. 

The shooting happened around 4:00 Saturday afternoon.

Little Rock police say it stemmed from an argument between two people and they believe 10-year-old Ja’Aliyah Hughes was caught in the crossfire.

“They took my baby,”  Ja’Aliyah’s mother Yuquitia Bradley said.

A place where families come to play is now a reminder of a tragic day in the city of Little Rock. 

“She was an honor student from first grade to now,” Bradley said.

As Bradley walks up to the memorial of her daughter, she reflects on how her little girl made such an impact from the day she was born.

“When I became pregnant with her, she changed me,” Bradley said.

On Saturday, her life was cut short. 

“That was my strength, that was my motivation to where I am right now. They robbed me of my own child,” Bradley said.

During a Facebook live, Bradley said she tried everything she could to save her daughter.

“I never thought I’d be doing CPR on my daughter,” Bradley said.

Now, the spot where she lost her life is filled with balloons, flowers and teddy bears all from those offering comfort to a grieving mother.

“Wrap our arms around the family and try and be there for them in any kind of way,” Family friend Cynthia Williams said.

Williams and the others in the community are showing Bradley she’s not alone. 

“We’re all in this together. She’s hurting and we’re hurting too,” Williams said. 

There is another victim in the shooting. Police believe he was one of the ones in the argument. He is in critical condition.

There are two suspects in the case, Ladarius Burnett and Eric Hall Jr. Burnett turned himself in to police. Hall is still at large.