Thieves Target Porches in Downtown Little Rock

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s not that unusual to see someone on a late-night bike ride in Downtown Little Rock, but to see a cyclist ride off with a heavy planter snatched from someone’s front porch is another thing altogether.

That’s exactly what Arch Street neighbor Kristi Crum discovered from security footage after realizing a few pots and planters were gone from her home. 

“I just immediately noticed something was missing,” Crum said after stepping outside Friday. 

“You’ve got to think, who is stealing pots and planters and what are they doing with them?” Crum says she had a number of items stolen from her porch including pots, planters, and decorative vases – all carted off in the middle of the night.

After checking cameras scattered around the property, the “bike bandit” was spotted carting off a number of items from Crum’s porch. 

“He was carrying a very tall pot of mine, it’s probably about four feet tall,” Crum said, “and rode off on a bike.”

She says although only one thief was caught on camera, the planters were too heavy for someone to move by themselves.

The lack of additional camera footage, she added, also meant that two or more people probably lifted the planters over the side of the porch before sneaking around and grabbing them. 

But the thieves wanted more. Just two days after the pots were stolen one man came back to the property, caught on camera looking for additional items to grab and instead settling on the only new item. 

“They grabbed the Sunday paper and walked off with it,” Crum said. 

While Crum realized planters can be replaced, she’s more concerned about this becoming a larger issue in the community and says stolen porch furniture isn’t what city officials should be focused on. 

“This is happening all around downtown,” she said. “The Police are getting a lot of calls [and] this is taking resources from them.”

She adds that LRPD has agreed to look into the issue and asks that neighbors think twice before buying secondhand pots and planters. 

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