BENTON, Ark. – A baby boy was surrendered in the Safe Haven Baby Box at a Benton fire station earlier this week, marking the third time an infant was turned over in just three years.

Officials with the Benton Fire Department said that the station received an notification from their baby box Tuesday, May 30 around 5:23 p.m.

Safe Haven Baby Box founder and CEO Monica Kelsey said that the baby is currently at a local hospital and seeking a forever family.

According to a release from Safe Haven Baby Boxes, this was the 31st time someone has surrendered a baby in one of the group’s baby boxes. Kelsey noted that five infants have been surrendered in Arkansas.

The Benton Baby Box was the first in Arkansas, the group noted, adding that the first baby surrendered in the state was at this location in May 2020.

Earlier this month, a newborn was rescued from the Benton Safe Haven Baby Box. Officials said the mother of the infant traveled out of state to surrender her baby.

Kelsey said that Arkansas is one of the states most prepared for mothers to surrender their child.

“We are pleased this mother trusted us to help her in her moment of crisis,” Kelsey said of the recent surrender. “We know she loves her baby and know there is an adoptive family who has been eagerly awaiting this blessing.”

Officials said that there have been a record 10 babies surrendered so far this year.

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