LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Caught on camera at a local salon, thieves with their hands full of more than eight thousand dollars worth of hair.

“We had an individual come in to drop off hair for a service,” said Owner Nesha Ward as she watched the video in awe.

“While she was here she ended up calling 2 other individuals to basically burglarize my business,” said Ward. She explained, “I stopped by briefly to grab hair for a few customers and I noticed by box was missing so I come to this side of the business.”

And quickly found out it wasn’t just the box missing.

“Then I noticed everything was gone so I’m like let me look at the camera and I’m like wow,” said Ward.

Crooks caught red-handed taking bundles of hair off the racks. At one pointed, they looked directly at the security cameras.

“Saw the burglary right before my eyes.”

The suspects took hair extensions, then took a box of hair from this room leaving with a total of 8 thousand dollars worth of hair.

Ward said, “I was taken fast I was shocked because I’m like as much as what’s going on here we figured we’d come together and support everyone here.”

Now she said the crooks are reaching out to her to make amends.

“I have both parents are calling they are wanting to work something out they want to turn the hair in to me.”

But with the dollar amount, that’s not going to cut it.

“When they call I don’t answer at this point I text them if you have a statement turn something in here is the detective’s number.”