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Tiny Houses Trending in Northwest Arkansas

ROGERS, Ark. -- Betty Kelso lives at Eagle Homes on Olive in Rogers, one of the only tiny home communities in northwest Arkansas. "I went from a twenty-two hundred square foot house down to a fourteen hundred, and from that, I went down to this one." Kelso added, "I've never been so comfortable anywhere else."

Kelso has lived in her 399 square foot tiny home for about six months, and now, a self-proclaimed happy camper, she knows she's not the only one around, saying, "I cannot even give you a guess on the numbers of the people that have said, 'we want to get one of those' or 'we're getting ready to sell our house, we're going to get one.' It's finding places to put them."

As it turns out, Bella Vista could be that place. The city has rezoned a section of lots near Bella Vista Lake Park to allow for the development of tiny houses.

Erik Glazier and his wife Amy say they're in the process of downsizing, and hope to eventually live in a tiny home. They started a Facebook Group and realized they weren't the only ones.

Glazier believes complicated zoning laws and misconceptions about presentation and ownership have prevented the development of communities in northwest Arkansas, adding, "Those are the two main issues. Obviously there's going to be a number of other stumbling blocks and challenges in play, but if you address those two main issues with community support and officials who are welcoming of the idea and willing to work with people, that will make this successful."

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