Toddler caught in crossfire of road rage shooting

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SHERWOOD, Ark. — A bullet just misses a toddler when a case of road rage on a busy interstate in Sherwood turns into a drive by shooting.

The dad, who asked Fox 16 News to hide his identity, was traveling down 67/167 with his son in the back seat Saturday afternoon. He says near Exit 3 a man in a gold Nissan sedan cut them off.

“I kind of threw my hands at him saying come on man,” he explained.

From there he says that other driver’s temper accelerated.

“Every time I’d speed up, he’d speed up. Every time I’d slow down, he’d slow down,” he said. “As I went to speed past him, that’s when I heard the clap.”

When he pulled over he saw a bullet went through the back door of his car, hitting just below the handle, before going through his 2-year-old’s car seat. The bullet missed the toddler by an inch.

“I thought my son must have been shot. The trajectory was perfectly lined up for him to be hit,” he said. “I’m a firefighter. I’ve done some really scary things and that is the scariest thing that ever happened to me.”

State Police say they tracked down the car but are still trying to figure out who was behind the wheel.

The dad says he wants whoever it was to turn himself in, knowing no bullet should ever get that close to a toddler.

“God saved my son that night,” he said.

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