LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – If you’re hitting the road on Interstate-30 in Little Rock and North Little Rock this weekend, you may want to leave a little bit earlier to get where you need to go on time.

As part of the 30 Crossing Project there will be multiple lane closures and detours starting Friday night to install structural steel at the 6th Street bridge over Interstate 30 in Little Rock. 

Starting Friday November 11th at 10pm, interstate-30 westbound will be closed from the I-30/I-40 interchange in North little rock to I-630 in Little Rock.  

I-30 eastbound will be closed to traffic between I-630 and the Arkansas River Bridge.

Dave Parker with the Arkansas Department of Transportation says the closures will be done on Monday November 14th at 5am but this new bridge won’t be finished for another few months.

I-30 Westbound Detours

Detour to I-430 south (Exit 147) and return to I-30.

Detour to I-440 west (Exit 159A) and return to I-30.

Alternate routes to access Little Rock and North Little Rock, take Highway 365 (Exit 152) or Highway 107 (Exit 153A). See map NR 22-269-A for additional information.

I-30 Eastbound Detour

I-30 eastbound traffic will detour at Exit 140 and take the northbound frontage road to the 4th Street on-ramp to access the river bridge and I-30 in North Little Rock. 

For many drivers like Idalis Gibert, the detours and road closures caused by the 30-crossing project has been a headache.

“It’s definitely having to get adjusted to,” Gilbert said.

But ARDOT says it will all be worth it as it will improve the traffic flow of downtown Little Rock/ North Little Rock. 

Gilbert has altered their schedules a little to accommodate by waking up and leaving home early to bypass traffic. 

As for the entire 30 crossings project, July 2025 is when ARDOT expects it to be complete.

“I didn’t know that it would take that long,” Gilbert said. 

But Parker says, “in the long run I think people will look back and say you know what, this has definitely been worth it.”

The entire project will cost nearly 1 billion dollars, Parker said.