BRYANT, Ark. — Two Bryant Police officers are in the hospital after a vehicle crash Saturday morning. One will have a long recovery process, according to police.

The crash happened on Springhill Road when Bryant Police Department officers Tre Davis and Tanner Peck were trying to stop a blue motorcycle in the area by North Service Road, police said, but the driver did not stop. This led to a pursuit, and troopers with the Arkansas State Police took the lead. 

The trio lost site of the motorcycle and called off the chase, but Davis lost control of his police car and hit a tree in front of a home. Part of the car broke off and landed in the roadway, which another driver hit. Police said she would be okay.

“This is hard on us,” Sgt. Todd Crowson of the Bryant Police Dept said. “This is our fellow officers.”

Peck should be okay, Crowson said, but Davis is in worse condition.

“We can talk to him,” Crowson said. “His eyes will flutter a little bit when we’re talking to him, and he’ll give us a little squeeze of his hand. It is tough.”

Crowson said the department has set up bank accounts to help the officers with their medical bills. 

“If they want to do it that way, they can go to any Centennial Bank in the state of Arkansas,” Crowson said. “They can make the deposit in their names.”

ASP officials are now conducting the crash investigation, Crowson said.

The dash camera was damaged in the crash, according to police, but the department is working to recover the footage.

Crowson said he could not provide any details on the motorcyclist or what he was suspected of.