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Two Semi Trucks Fall off Separate I-40 Bridges Just Minutes Apart

ST. FRANCES COUNTY, Ark. -- In a busy start to the weekend for authorities in Saint Frances County, two semi trucks ran off I-40 bridges just miles, and minutes apart.

David Boling watched as a FedEx truck swerved off the roadway and into the water of Little Bivens Bayou, after it reportedly hit another semi. The driver was unconscious inside. "You could see the truck going down in a big ball of dust," he commented.

Boling and his wife pulled over immediately and he prepared to venture into the water. Reaching the bayou he discovered others already trying to smash the window of the FedEx truck with a rock.

The good Samaritans manage to carry the driver out, getting him safely up the embankment.

Boling continued, "We turned him around and hooked the rope on him, and there was two of us in the water [...] some guys were on the bank, and we slid him up the bank."

As this was happening, a grass fire was burning down the side of the interstate less than a quarter-mile away.

Just 45 minutes after the first accident, a Cal-Ark truck plunged off different bridge after the driver reportedly suffered a stroke.

First responders were able to get him out, as traffic came to a standstill, allowing a helicopter to make a roadway landing to fly this driver to the hospital.

Remarkably, no lives were lost on this unusual afternoon, thanks to the quick thinking of a few, and the diligent work of emergency responders.

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