NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It’s not everyday you see officers from four different agencies chasing a U-Haul truck, especially when that truck leads police from the south end of Little Rock to North Little Rock at a low speed. 

A Saline County woman noticed a U-haul truck that was the same one someone who robbed her house earlier was driving.  

She said she then called 911 and told them she had boxed in the truck.

“A lady had come up behind a U-Haul and blocked him in at a grocery store,” Lt. Cody Burke, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office said. 

Police said that the truck then took off, with the woman in hot pursuit. 

Four agencies responded to the call about the U-Haul and began pursuing the truck.

“ASP, Little Rock, North Little Rock, we were all on the same channel,” Burke said.

With the box truck leading police to the interstate, it was going too slow for this to be considered a “high-speed chase.” 

“It was well within the safe zone of speeding,” said Burke.

After heading to North Little Rock, the suspect abandoned the U-Haul off Rosemary Road. 

“In that area is where the suspect had left the vehicle, got out, and ran on foot,” Burke said. 

It took a K9 to find the escaped suspect, identified as Michael Brooks Morgan of Bryant hiding in a bush. 

Lt. Burke pointed out that the woman’s instincts were on point.

“The best method would be to follow the vehicle at a safe distance and give us updates where it’s going” 

Authorities said that her turn by turn directions helped them catch up with the U-Haul in it’s attempt to flee.

Morgan was taken into custody facing 6 charges, including fleeing, aggravated assault, and driving with an open container of alcohol.