UAMS demolishes homes over health concerns

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Expansion in one Little Rock neighborhood is coming at the cost of nearly two dozen homes.
They are all being torn down along the same Stifft’s Station block.  

Those lots aren’t expected to be empty for long. 

“We’re more focused on the future, “says Hunter Windle, who lives nearby.

Tearing down the old, to build up a new-look. 

“(It is) a little bit jarring and it’s not ideal,” says Windle.

 “There’s still a lot of unknowns.”  

 “We like to preserve as much of the character of the neighborhood as we can.” 

Saving the 28 homes wasn’t an option, according to a spokesperson for UAMS.

The hospital has owned the property for more than a decade.

Most were used for offices or rentals until, they say, safety was on the line. 

“It just was to the point where it was time to take them down. Many have asbestos so really they were uninhabitable,”  says Leslie Taylor, UAMS Spokeswoman.

There’s no blueprint for what’s coming.

The hospital is weighing options.

“What we would like to do is to build a new power plant, but that proposal is before the University of Arkansas trustees,” says Taylor.

It’s a conversation Windle, and other neighbors, want in on. 

“It benefits us both to work together.”

“A lot of their employees students and teachers live in this neighborhood,” 

 “Capitol View, Stifft’s Station has got a lot going for it,” says Windle.

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