LITTLE ROCK, Ark – As temperatures begin to drop in the next few hours, doctors in Little Rock want to remind people to protect themselves while outside.

Even though temperatures are plummeting, many still need to brave conditions to work outside.

Working outside is just part of Alex Miller’s job as the owner of Miller Mowing and Lawncare and this week will be no different.

“It’s going to be rough, but we still have jobs to do and kids to feed,” Miller said.

With temperatures expected to hit single digits and wind chills well below zero, Miller said he and his workers will adapt to stay open.

“[We will] double up on hoodies, a crew neck over a hoodie and a vest, just whatever I can do, the job still has to get done,” Miller said.

Layering is the number one thing doctors suggest for those playing or working in these temperatures. Dr. Robert Hopkins with UAMS explained further.

“You want to start with a layer of clothing that’s going to wick moisture away from your skin,” Hopkins said. “Then you’re going to put a second layer that’s going to be insulating, and your top layer is going to be something help prevent the wind cutting right through you or more moisture getting in your skin.”

Doctors say gloves, hats and scarfs will also be useful, but make sure clothing is still loose fitting.

Hopkins said the biggest thing to remember is to pay attention to your body.

“When we’re talking about colds down into the single digits, we really get concerned,” Hopkins said.

While we may not think about it regularly, Hopkins said frostbite is a very real thing, even with temperatures up to freezing.

“If you start to see the skin blanching, you know getting white, or if you start seeing any blistering at all, that’s a sign you’ve got significant cold damage that you need to get back inside,” Hopkins stressed. Whether it’s cold temperatures or high winds, Hopkins said the Christmas chill won’t be merry unless you’re protected.