Unity Health in Searcy using robots to clean rooms

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SEARCY, Ark. – In the time of COVID-19, sanitation is critical. A hospital in Searcy is using state-of-the-art technology to keep their rooms and common areas clean.

From room to room, employees at Unity Health in Searcy take a robot across the hospital to sanitize after patients pack up and go home.

“With any hospital-acquired infection you’re going to have increased lengths of stay for the patients,” RN and Infection Prevention Supervisor Meghann Haddock said.

During that stay, Haddock is working to keep those patients as healthy as possible.

“My main goal is to keep people from getting sick from the hospital environment,” Haddock said.

That’s where the machine comes in. It’s called Light Strike. Once it’s turned on, the top raises up and projects UV light to kill germs.

“It’s able to kill viruses like the flu virus, COVID-19. It’s able to kill bacteria,” Haddock said.

She said they use them in all areas of the hospital.

“We use those on all of the nursing units. We use those in the operating room. We also use these robots in common areas like break rooms, medication rooms, things like that,” Haddock said.

She’s already seen this technology make a huge impact on infection rates inside the hospital.

“Once we started using these it’s really decreased those numbers,” Haddock said.

After a few minutes, the robot shuts off knowing the disinfection is complete. Then it is on to the next.

“Anything we can save those patients is very important.,” Haddock said.

Unity Health has ten Light Strikes they use throughout the hospital.

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