Update: IDs Released of 2 Found Shot Dead in LR Home

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The names of a man and woman found shot to death inside a home on the city’s southwest side Sunday afternoon have been released by police. The Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) says it is a case of double homicide.

In a news release issued Monday afternoon, the LRPD identifies them as William Gray, 37, and Sonia Ann Gray, 35.

Officers were called to the scene around 3:30 p.m. in the 8500 block of Westwood Avenue.

Police say the bodies were found by a teen who lived there. He had been dropped off at the home after attending church. The man and woman were his mother and stepfather, the release said, adding that after finding them, the teen was injured as he left the house and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. 

The bodies were taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsies.

The teen was later released to the custody of his aunt.

Police say there is no suspect information and the investigation is continuing.

Original story:
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two people are dead after a shooting in Little Rock Sunday afternoon.

Police have not released any names or what lead to the shooting.

It happened inside a home on Westwood Avenue. Neighbors were lost for words and shocked about what happened.

One woman says the family who lived in the home was hard-working and kept to themselves.

The shooting left family members, neighbors and the entire community heartbroken.

“Never imagined. Never would have thought it would have ended up like that,” says Sheard.

Typically a quiet street, but Sunday afternoon Westwood Avenue in Little Rock was turned into a crime scene.

“Taped off. I just had a knee replacement and I actually ran down that hill when I saw them putting the tape around that house,” says Sheard.

When police arrived they spoke to a teen who said two people were dead inside a home.

“It’s devastating. I can’t believe. My grandson is over there all the time,” says Sheard.

Narvlyn Sheard lives across the street and says she knew the family.

“Young,Christian family, hardworking. One child, never messed with anybody, minded their own business,” says Sheard.

A homicide unit was called to the scene. Lt. Michael Ford says situations like this are never easy.

“It’s always tough. We are here on Sunday afternoon most people were home with their family and we come out here to this,” says Lt. Ford.

Sheard says it’s a tragic loss for the community.

“Keep the family in your prayers because they were outstanding citizens,Christian family and never bothered anybody,” says Sheard.

The teen at the scene was taken in for questioning about what he saw.

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