Update: JNPSD millage tax extension passes after special election

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JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – Voters in the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District deciding tonight whether to use taxpayer money to build new schools. 

It was a close vote but the Yays outnumbers the Nays by about a hundred.

An existing millage will be extended another 15 years. 

That’ll raise $65 million which would pay for four new schools. 

Original story:

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark.– Polling locations are set to close at 7:30 p.m in Pulaski County.

Voters who live in the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District will decide whether to approve an extension of a current millage school tax.

We talked with voters outside two different locations in Jacksonville on Tuesday about the ballot question 

We met the Wilsons as they walk to their car after voting inside a Jacksonville Church Tuesday. 

Dutchie Wilson said, “He’s a Yankees fan but I’m a Cubs fan all the way.”

After nearly 60 years of marriage, they agree on pretty much everything. That included what they think about extending a millage tax for Jacksonville North Pulaski schools. 

Charles Wilson said, “I think we have been misled especially in the North Pulaski area.” 

But not every voter we met in Jacksonville agrees with them. 

Voter Richard Robertson said, “I feel like it was important for our school, so I voted for the tax.”

The committee pushing for it to pass said by extending the tax that voters previously approved another 15 years the district will raise $65 million to build four new schools. One of the co-chairs told us the schools have to be built because of a federal judge’s order. 

Some voters agree with them. 

Voter Stan Valley said, “If we don’t get this millage we won’t have good schools. If we don’t have good schools we won’t have a good community. If we don’t have a good community we won’t have a town.”

Some people did not agree.

Voter Matt Henry told us, “I don’t have any kids in school now and it adds taxes.”

We talked with voters outside of polling locations for hours on Thursday and saw a clear split between opinions.  

Polling locations are set to close at 7:30 p.m. 

The Pulaski County Election Commission said it expects to start receiving results from the locations around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night. 

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