NEWPORT, Ark.- Quake Lewellyn’s attorney turned in paperwork Thursday morning that waives his arraignment hearing.

Lewellyn pleaded not guilty to capital murder, kidnapping, rape and abuse of a corpse in connection to the death of Sydney Sutherland.

Public defender Bill James was assigned to the case and is asking for a jury trial. He said there are a lot of rumors surrounding the case.

“The problem with a case like this is when you have very little information that’s coming out it creates what you call a thirst trap where everyone is so thirsty for any information that people will listen to anything that’s said,” James said.

Now, some of those theories are being put to rest as newly released court documents detail the evidence mounted against the man accused of kidnapping and killing 25-year old Sydney Sutherland.

According to search warrant affidavits, Quake Lewellyn was known to be the last person who saw Sutherland alive August 19th on County Road 41. During the investigation, he was developed as a suspect. August 21st, after her body was found, he was taken into questioning where State Police say he confessed to running her over with his truck, raping her then burying her body. That confession is yet to be seen by James.

“Any statements made by your client are going to be something that have to be dealt with,” James said.

Along with the confession, State Police used an app on Lewellyn’s phone that tracks his location. Sutherland’s body was located just yards from where app said Lewellyn was.

Police found shoe prints near where her body was found. The affidavit shows the shoes he was wearing during the time of his arrest did not match.

Also laid out in one of the search warrant affidavits, his mother Kerry Lewellyn called law enforcement one day after her son’s arrest about a surveillance video they needed to see. In the document, it says Kerry and Lewellyn’s wife Gracie pointed out a dent on the hood of his truck that wasn’t there when he left the morning Sutherland went missing. investigators also noticed in the video Lewellyn wearing shoes they believe matched the shoe prints. In a search warrant, those shoes were found in his home.

James says he hasn’t had a chance to look at the documents given by the prosecutor but says he has talked with Lewellyn. He hopes the rumors fizzle out as more information is released.

“Certainly we hope we’re able to clarify it and deal with the facts as they are and not has people wish they were or want them to be,” James said.

Along with the shoes and surveillance footage, State Police also obtained nine articles of clothing. Lewellyn’s next court date is February 16th.


NEWPORT, Ark.- The plea and arraignment hearing for a man accused of kidnapping and killing a woman who was jogging has been continued.

Quake Lewellyn’s hearing is now scheduled for February 16, 2021.

Lewellyn’s plea and arraignment was previously scheduled to happen Thursday.

Lewellyn is charged with capital murder, kidnapping, rape and abuse of a corpse in connection to Sutherland’s death.

According to authorities, Lewellyn admitted during an interview he saw Sutherland jogging on August 19, the day she disappeared.

According to an affidavit, Lewellyn admitted on August 21 he hit Sutherland with his vehicle, raped and buried her.