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Update: Police Seek Out of State Help in Movie Theater Investigation

Mall Theater Accused of Showing Pirated Movies

Update (December 13): 

PINE BLUFF, Ark. - Pine Bluff Police have turned to out-of-state help to find out if the Pines Mall Movie Theater is breaking the law. 

Police say they have reached out the Recording Industry Association of America to investigate whether the mall's owner is showing pirated movies. 

This comes after moviegoers say the owner is making profits off bootlegged movies. 

One woman took a picture of the screen after she noticed a blurry image, a logo in the top right corner of the screen, and a bar at the bottom of the scene showing how much time was left in the movie. 

Original story: 

PINE BLUFF, Ark -- A South Arkansas mall is being accused of showing what some believe are bootleg movies at its theater.

Moviegoers at the Pines Mall in Pine Bluff said the owner is making profits off of pirated movies and they're not happy.

If it's the latest movie out, you'll probably find in playing at the Pines Mall.

It's one reason Shay Burrough decided to take her 4-year-old daughter to see the movie "The Star" there last Friday.

"I want to make it a tradition take my daughter to watch a movie on Thanksgiving, or you know Thanksgiving break," said Burrough.

She took a picture of something on the screen that quickly caught her eye.

"I noticed that there was a logo on the top screen and it was really blurry," said Burrough. "At the bottom, it had a download sensor showing me how much had played."

Burrough spoke with the mall's owner, Judy Vu. 

"She told me she didn't have the key yet for the original and I told her if I would have known she didn't have the original, I would have gone somewhere else to watch the movie," said Burrough.

Burrough watched the rest of the movie, but when it got about midway through ...

"I could start hearing people laughing in the background of the recording and a lot of scuffling going on," said Burrough.

She was convinced she'd just watched a bootleg movie.

"I felt disappointed for daughter, because I wanted her to see this movie that is now illegal to watch

"I don't understand bootleg, what is it?" said Vu.

Vu the problems were caused by a broken piece on the movie projector, not pirating.

"The clamp ... makes the movie sometimes clear or not clear," said Vu.

Vu said she buys her movies from distribution companies. She then downloads them to her computer and controls which of the eight screens a movie is shown on.

"I feel very bad," said Vu.

But Burrough isn't buying it.

"I just feel like she needs to pay the penalty, for what it is, if anybody did that," said Burrough.

Pine Bluff police said investigators are looking into piracy claims about the theater.


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