Update: Tornado Caused Faulkner Co. Storm Damage

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FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. – Tornado damage has been confirmed from a Monday morning storm in the Springhill area south of Greenbrier.

The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Little Rock says the EF-1 rated storm touched down with 100 miles per hour winds at 12:53 a.m. two miles east of Springhill.

The NWS storm survey shows the area appears to be where the worst damage happened.

“I heard this transformer kind of pop,” said Grady Barnett, who lives in the Needs Creek area. “The power went out. Thirty seconds later, what sounds like a train coming then a big loud crash almost right over me.”

Barnett, his two brothers and their parents snapped awake, realizing all of that wasn’t a dream.

The family of five got to work, placing pots and pans under their water-filled lights.

“My dad looked out the front door and said, ‘There’s no use. The roof is gone,'” Barnett said.

The storm damage continued across the street at Needs Creek Baptist Church, where the sign, steeple and some siding are gone. The winds also blew off part of its roof. 

Behind the church, an 18 wheeler with a busted windshield and other damage sat back in its place, after the storm pushed it over.

Down the road, another victim of the EF-1 was a two-story garage that stood taller than the family’s home.

“The clean up’s going to be a mess,” said homeowner Zac Farley. “It’s going to take awhile.”

The tornado pushed Farley’s “man cave” and shop forward and it landed on a tractor and two vehicles. The one he couldn’t see was his 2011 black Camaro.

“My baby that I’ve been working on a couple years,” he said.

However, his two babies inside the home and his wife were safe, the one good thing Farley had in common with his neighbors Monday.

“You can replace vehicles,” he said.

“It makes me really glad, thankful that no one got hurt,” Barnett said.

Trees and power lines were also downed in the storm.

These families and others we spoke to couldn’t say enough about the nonstop support they’ve received from their community, including churches, businesses and their state lawmakers.

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