LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –Violet Brazil was inside Power Ultra Lounge when shots rang out. “All we heard were just gunshots.”

Violet Brazil remembers seeing bullets fly inside Power Ultra Lounge. “When I turned around the dude that was in front of me, I’ve seen him get shot in his shoulder.”

Pictures show Violet with a friend, moments before pure chaos. “It’s so crazy because if he wasn’t in front of me. I would have gotten shot in my face.”

Violet says she frantically ran outside. “We don’t know where to run to where the bullets are coming from.” Only to realize she had been shot. A bullet passed through her knee.

“It was crazy.”

Violet says she often promotes parties at the nightclub and says she knew the rapper performing – Finesse 2 Tymes – personally. “I don’t feel like it is finesse fault, the crowd just got to shooting, his security is going to shoot back.” She says she doesn’t believe the rapper had anything to do with the shooting. “It was little rock people, I feel like they could have waited another time, or went outside to solve the issue..”

Now, as she recovers, she says she wants to see changes when it comes to security in clubs. “You never know now, who has a weapon or not.” She says she expects to make a full recovery within a month.