CONWAY, Ark – A Conway man finds himself in the middle of his own comic book plotline, working with police to help track down $11,000 worth of stolen comic books. 

Keith Jones has been collecting comic books since he was 10 years old. 

“I’d take a little bit of allowance money when we went grocery shopping, go overlook what was in the rack and get a couple,” said Jones. 

With each new comic book, he says there were new adventures and new villains foiled by heroes. 

Out of the 50,000 comics, he has since collected, he never saw himself as part of a storyline, until now. 

A few weeks ago, Jones said he was cleaning out his house when he noticed there were a few boxes missing from his collection. 

Jones says he contacted police who then began an investigation. 

Jones assembled the rest of his team who helped search for more evidence. He says they eventually found a photo of a comic book he had lost for sale on a comic book resale Facebook page. 

“We were kind of going through the list and found a picture with one of the comics that I had that was missing,” said Jones. 

According to police reports, Conway PD detectives were able to locate some of the stolen items at a residence. 

The suspects, according to reports, said the comic books were passed down from a relative but after contacting Jones, they determined they were his. 

Jones said the people stole about 4,000 comic books from him, he was able to get about 1,700 back. 

He says though, it’s more about the memories associated with the pages than the material item. 

“It’s worth more than whatever money value you can get on it,” said Jones. 

Conway PD said it knows who the suspects are and are waiting for a warrant to move forward on the case.