LAKE HAMILTON, Ark. – A viral image of what some have said shows an alligator spotted in Lake Hamilton has spread around the internet, but Arkansas Game and Fish has debunked the picture saying it was just a log.

Keith Stephens with the Game and Fish Commission said that there are alligators that live around Lake Hamilton. 

“We’ve actually got a very healthy population, mostly in the southern half of state,” Stephens said.

According to Stephens, they tend to live around areas of water and lowland areas to catch fish, smaller mammals, and birds. 

“They’re usually going to be in areas where there’s not as much boat traffic, they’re going to be in areas that may be not be developed where there’s no houses things in that area,” he explained.

Since alligators do tend to avoid those higher trafficked areas Stephens notes that it would be somewhat eventful to see one out in the middle of the lake.

He said it would similar to spotting a bear.  Bears do live in areas of Arkansas and in the spring they tend to come out more frequently and when people do spot them they tend to be excited about it.

Stephens warns that if an alligator is spotted people should just observe from a distance since they are wild animals. 

He said they are not aggressive unless they feel their nest could be threatened.