MURFREESBORO, Ark. — A visitor recently found a two-carat diamond while visiting the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds.

Christian Liden, 26, from Poulsbo, Washington was visiting Arkansas with a friend on the search for gemstones to add to his collection.

Liden and his friend built their own digging equipment to search with.

Liden arrived to Arkansas on Friday, May 7 to begin the mining excusrsion.

“We spent about an hour in the field that afternoon and returned early the next morning to mine all day,” Liden said.

After spending hours searching for something, on the third day Liden spotted what he had traveled more than 2,000 miles to find.

“I saw it shining as soon as I turned the screen over and immediately knew it was a diamond. I was shaking so bad, I asked my buddy to grab it out of the gravel for me!”

The diamond weighed in at 2.20 carats, the largest diamond found at the park since October of 2020 when a man from Fayetteville found a 4.49-carat diamond.

Liden said he plans to design and engagement ring using the diamond.