WARD, Ark – Neighbors in Ward say they’re unhappy with the work being done on a city-wide project to lay sidewalks down near the school.

The project is part of a 2015 initiative to create more sidewalks in neighborhoods so kids can walk to school.

Pauline Parker says initially she thought the project was a good idea, until work started on her street.

“My biggest concern with my yard is the money I’ve been putting out to get nice looking grass,” said Parker.

Parker says crews started digging up her yard about two weeks ago, leaving behind a pile of dirt in her front yard. She says her and other neighbors have had plants and tree dug up and a special memory now torn out.

“I planted those right when I got here in memory of my husband,” said Parker.

Beside Parker’s mailbox used to sit two shrubs she planted in memory of her late husband. She says crews took them out to make room for the sidewalk.

“They weren’t in the way of the sidewalk,” said Parker.

Other neighbors say they have voiced concerns about how much of their yards are being taken back. Mayor Charles Gastineau says its part of the city’s right.

“You got to remember it is an easement that the city and utilities have a right to dig into,” said Gastineau.

Other neighbors say trash has been left behind by crews and some say their utilities have been tapped into.

“One man mentioned that they told him he had to park out in the street, and he wound up with a flat tire from a broken piece of wood that they took off and had a nail in it,” said Parker.

Mayor Gastineau says he understands neighbors’ concerns.

“It’s a mess right now, it’s a mess,” said Gastineau.

Gastineau says in the end though, the work will be worth it and all will return to normal.

“It will all be cleared up in the end,” said Gastineau.

Gastineau says anyone with any concerns should inform city hall.