WARD, Ark – A city sidewalk project in Ward, Arkansas is getting backlash from neighbors, months after its completion.

In July, the City began phase three of its safe sidewalks project, connecting neighborhoods to the local elementary school.

In the process, one neighbor says her back fence was torn apart to make room for the new pavement.

“I’m angry. I mean it puts my kids’ lives at risk, it puts my possessions at risk,” said Ward neighbor Shelvia Misenheimer.

Misenheimer says the newly paved sidewalk runs through part of her backyard and creates an opening to the main road.

“I have people walking through my yard, all times, all hours, people stealing things out of the backyard,” said Misenheimer.

Shelvia says it’s an invasion of privacy and now puts her young nephew and autistic son at risk.

“They see the open road and the cars, and they just want to run out,” said Misenheimer.

Misenheimer says she hoped the city would find an alternative solution to close the opening, but when she called the Mayor said it won’t be possible.

“She needs to put up a fence,” said Ward Mayor Charles Gastineau.

Gastineau says Misenheimer didn’t have an enclosed yard to begin with, and it was accessible from the sides and front of her house.

He says because of this, the city is not liable to put up a fence between the sidewalk and her backyard.

“For us to go back in now after the fact and put a fence up would be enriching that property owner with taxpayer dollars and we simply cannot do that,” said Gastineau.

Misenheimer says she’s now left with a hole that wasn’t there before, missing panels she says she will have to live with.

“They’ve opened my whole yard to the public, and my kids to the road,” said Misenheimer.

Gastineau says the city was entitled to that portion of the property after it obtained an easement a few years back.