WARREN, Ark. – The family of an 8-year-old burn victim is all smiles as he has been discharged from the hospital after 5 months of recovery. 

Jayceon Charles was burned on August 9th, 2022, while at a friend’s house on Bradley County Road 280 in Warren, Arkansas. 

According to his mom, Lakiesha Belin, his burns led to him being on a ventilator, suffering from kidney failure, brain damage, multiple surgeries and even coding twice.

“I’m just glad and thank god he was able to come home,” said Belin.

Jayceon says he was most excited to return home to his favorite activities, video games and basketball. 

Jayceon was only able to showcase his video game skills because he is still working on his walking and his speech.  

Belin says her son has been taking steps but still has to do physical and occupational therapy. 

“We still got a long way to go but we gone get there.”

Finally able to talk again, Belin says Jayceon has only told her what she already knew from August 9th. This is because a fire erupted when the family Jayceon was with was outside cooking.

Belin says the family Jayceon was with didn’t call the police and she took him to the hospital herself. 

Because of this, the family wonders why authorities weren’t called during this emergency. 

Arkansas State Police are investigating the incident. 

Belin says ASP recently spoke with Jayceon for more details on what happened.

Wednesday, we reached for an update and didn’t hear back.

The last update from ASP concerning the investigation was December 16, with officials saying that the investigation, “remains in an active and ongoing status.”