WARREN, Ark. – An 8-year-old boy from Warren is recovering in the hospital roughly two months after he was severely burned and now his family is searching for confirmation on how this tragedy unfolded.

Third-grader Jayceon Charles was at a friend’s house on August 9 with plans to go to Magic Springs the next day but instead, the next day he was in the hospital fighting for his life.

According to Jayceon’s parents, Lakiesha Belin and Justin Charles, he was burned while staying at a friend’s house in Warren. There, they were roasting hot dogs and that’s when the fire erupted.

“My biggest fear is that my child might not be the same person that he was at first,” said Belin. 

 Since the incident, Jayceon has been on a ventilator, suffered from kidney failure, brain damage, had multiple surgeries and even coded twice

“It’s just a rough situation seeing him lying in the hospital bed like he is,” said Jayceon’s father. 

Belin says that after being notified of the incident, she and Charles went home. 

Belin says the family Jayceon was with didn’t call the police and she took him to the hospital herself. Because of this, the family wonders why authorities weren’t called during this emergency. 

Earl Charles, Jayceon’s grandfather, says he was quick to contact the police to begin an investigation. 

“So many people dropped the ball that should be held accountable,” said the grandfather.

After nearly 2 months, the family says investigators seldomly reach out. 

On Thursday KARK was notified by Arkansas State Police that they will be taking over the investigation. 

The concern for the family is that “they may have lost some important evidence with it being this long.”

ASP says when they complete their investigation, agents will send their findings to the Bradley County Prosecuting Attorney.

“We just gone keep the faith that he turns out alright and he returns back to the normal Jayceon,” his father said. 

The family says they want to thank the Warren community for all their support during this time.