DOVER, Ark. – A bear alert placed Dover High School and Dover Middle School on modified lockdown for a few hours Tuesday.

The Dover Marshal’s Office posted about it on Facebook around 10 a.m. Tuesday:
“Community advisement. Dover high school and middle school on modified lockdown due to a bear on campus. There is no threat, Arkansas Game and Fish enroute to area. Please remain from the area.”

Dover Public Schools posted this on its Facebook page:
“We have a bear cub on the High School campus today! He is probably looking for a new home. Game and Fish is in route, and we have the school on modified lockdown. No worries! The little guy is being closely watched and he (or she?) is in a tree right now! All of our students and faculty are safely inside the buildings. We just want to keep everyone informed!!”

Wildlife officers with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission were on campus for a few hours and eventually tranquilized the bear.   

The bear was then set free in nearby woods.