*Parts of the dashcam video above has been condensed, the video may be disturbing for some viewers*

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Dashcam video released shows tense moments during a standoff with a man and Little Rock Police earlier this month.

On December 19th, investigators say Farris Deloney, 43, fired a shot in the Walmart parking lot and took his one-year-old daughter.

Responding officers saw Deloney’s SUV and started chasing it.

In dashcam video, you can see Deloney stopping at the Crystal Hill Road exit of I-430 in North Little Rock.

In an interview Friday, Little Rock Police Officer Brittany Godfrey says she was working extra patrols when she heard the call go out, and things went from zero to 100.

“I was able to see just the top of the head of the baby in the front seat,” says Godfrey .

Police say Deloney had a gun to his head.

You can hear Officer Godfrey in the dashcam footage talking with Deloney.

“Come on, don’t do this with your baby right there. It’s going to be ok,” she tells him.

Officer Godfrey says she remembers it was at this point she knew she had to rescue the one-year-old girl.

Officer Godfrey can be seen in the dashcam footage running up to the SUV, with barely any protection.

“We talked. I talked to him while I was trying to get her out and he said ‘I don’t want to hurt her, I don’t want to hurt you’. It was all between him, it was all fighting his demons,” says Officer Godfrey.

Seconds later in the dashcam footage, you see a little girl in a pink jacket and white hat in safe arms.

At this point, officers now focus on helping Deloney.

“Olivia needs her daddy,” says Officer Godfrey in the dashcam footage.

Little Rock Police Assistant Chief Alice Fulk says situations like this start with verbal direction.

Assistant Chief Fulk is over the department’s training division and says officers have dedicated time for practical training scenarios.

“We try to throw any situation at them during this two weeks so they can get the best training possible,” says Assistant Chief Fulk.

“Getting him out safely and getting him the help that he needed that day,” says Officer Godfrey.

After off and on talks, Deloney gives himself up and officers can be heard telling the father to put his hands in the air.

“Come on, Farris. Put your hands up and come back toward me, buddy,” says one officer.

Assistant Chief Fulk says the department will likely use this incident in recruit training and scenarios.

The one-year-old is with her mom.

Deloney is charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a minor, all charges he’s plead not guilty.