LITTLE ROCK, Ark- On Thursday night, a Little Rock movie theater closed its operations after its last showing, but developers say what could be next for the space are already in talks. 

Regal UA Breckenridge Theatre opened its doors back in 1998 after it was renovated. Danny Joe Crawford was one of the first managers at the theater when it opened, he says he remembers it as a premiere theater. 

“I opened the movie theater in 1998. I was manager there and we had just recently closed the cinema city.” Crawford goes on to say, “this was one of the first multiplexes that came into town that had 12 screens, stadium seats and all digital sound; it was truly ahead of its time.”

Crawford says the first movie to play at the theater was, “’You’ve Got Mail’ December 18th, 1998.” 

Jim Keet, the new developer of Breckenridge Village, says the closure was due to a bankruptcy filing by Cineworld Group, owner of Regal Cinemas.

“Cineworld which is an international company out of Great Britain declared bankruptcy in both Canada and the United States and this is part of that bankruptcy proceeding,” Keet said. 

Keet says although it was unfortunate that Regal is closing its doors , they already have some theater operators showing interest in the space. 

“We’re very excited that at least two groups that are in this business have already expressed interest as well as other parties,” Keet said. 

Keet says he is not sure when how long it will take for the space to be open again but the other parties have a better format of food and beverages.

He also said he believes that in a year, the Breckenridge Village will be a great entertainment district.