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Where It Really Started: Viral Booneville Teen Fight

BOONEVILLE, Ark. -  A cell phone video of a fight between two Booneville students was going viral Tuesday night. 

The original post said the smaller of the two teens was mentally challenged and the school was doing nothing about the incident. 

But  some misinformation may have fueled this video.  

"It was pretty appalling. If you read what the comments said, it sounded pretty bad," Cody Gane says after seeing the video online. 

The original post has since been taken down, but the graphic video shows a larger boy dominating a smaller boy in what looks like an unfair fight in a field near a neighborhood on Ivy Street. 

"It seemed like he was picking on him then at that point and it wasn't just a fight, you know. Didn't seem right," Gane says.   

But the video doesn't tell the full story. 

The boys are cousins, according to Booneville Police Chief Albert Brown. 

And the first punch was really thrown online by the smaller student, referred to as the victim. 

"The victim student was making harassing comments towards the other student. Somehow it ended up in a chat room and things got heated and they decided to fight," says Chief Brown. 

The Booneville Police were only made aware of the video Tuesday, when it went viral. Since then their investigation shows other teens and even the smaller boys older brothers were watching the fight happen, some also recording.

But the camera stops when the smaller student is kicked unconscious. 

"He advised after that that he got up, he helped him up, and they walked to across the street from the victims residence they sat there and talked for about an hour and worked out their differences," Chief Brown says. 

Chief Brown says the school district was made aware of the fight soon after it happened. They brought in the boys and their parents, made an agreement with the families and everyone left satisfied. 

"They just wanted it to be done and gone away," he says. 

Since the video surfaced, Chief Brown believes the false caption stating the smaller boy is mentally challenged sparked more outrage by viewers and embarrassment by the families who thought this situation was behind them. 

"They were very upset that their son was labeled as mentally challenged when they say, in fact, he is not," Chief Brown adds.  

The social media jury is also arguing the school was not doing enough and claiming the bigger student is immune to punishment because he's a star football player. 

"I know it was mentioned he's a football player, and yes he is, but that makes no difference to us. If the prosecuting attorney determines that something needs to be done about it, then we'll do whatever needs to be done," says Chief Brown. 

Tuesday, the police chief posted a comment on Facebook acknowledging the video and the ongoing investigation. 

"I even had to unpublish our police department page last night because of the number of posts," he continues. 

And if they couldn't be reached online... 

"You just would not believe the calls that we're received from all different cities," Chief Brown says. 

Though the smaller teen's family is not pressing charges, the prosecuting attorney is reviewing the case and still could. 

Charges against the larger teen and those who were watching and recording the fight are not off the table. An update could be available next week. 

As for the person who posted the original video, she says she regrets it and had no idea it would blow up the way it did, according to police. Though she claimed the boy was mentally challenged, she said did not know him. Police say the individual who released the video got it from another person's phone without their permission.

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