BALD KNOB, Ark. – Bald Knob Animal Shelter officials took to social media to inform the community that they will begin euthanizing dogs due to lack of space.

In the social post, officials with the shelter said that the decision was not wanted, but they were ordered to do so. The post also stressed the importance of getting pets spayed and neutered as the shelter overpopulates.

The post stated:

“It is with heavy hearts that we sadly announce that we have been ordered to begin euthanizing the dogs to free up space in the shelter. This is not what we want to do however, the powers that be have spoken.

Adoptions are currently FREE with an approved application.

*We cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to have your pets spayed/neutered. We have an epidemic in BK and the entire state of irresponsible pet owners, and until that stops, there will be way too many dogs and cats running the streets and in the shelters.”

The shelter’s Facebook page also lists which animals are still available to adopt. If you are looking to bring a pet home, shelter officials said that adoptions are currently free with an approved application.