DANVILLE, Ark. – Outside the Yell County Sheriff’s Office, is a father of four, lost in emotion.

“I didn’t expect nothing like this to happen,” says the suspect’s father James Bowden.

His son, also named James Bowden, says his oldest son snapped Thursday when he allegedly killed a Yell County Deputy and two other people before taking his girlfriend hostage.

“I always tried to teach my children to respect the law,” says Bowden. “He had mental problems. He was on three different psychotic drugs.”

The suspect’s sister Julie Bowden-Inmon says her brother regrets the way everything went down.

“It was very hard.  He didn’t want to come out. He thought that he would be shot,” says Bowden-Inmon.

Bowden-Inmon says she was negotiating with her brother over the phone during the hostage situation.

“My brother actually told me on the phone that he wished things hadn’t happened this way. Of course, we wish things didn’t happen this way,” says Bowden-Inmon.

Family members tell us the alleged the gunman surrendered after his girlfriend managed to escape.

“My heart goes out to that family of that police officer,” says Bowden.

The father of a man police call a triple homicide suspect will go to bed thinking about his son, alone, in a jail cell.

“He’s alone. He doesn’t have anybody with him. It’s heartbreaking. That’s all I can tell you, heartbreaking that he’s alone and he’s suffering — I know he is,” says Bowden.

According to the alleged shooter’s Facebook page, he’s a graduate of Russellville High School, the same school where fallen Yell County Lieutenant Kevin Mainhart graduated from.

The suspect is in the Conway County Jail.