LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Five families are broken as the investigation continues days after a deadly plane crash in Little Rock Wednesday claimed the lives of everyone on board.

Pilot Sean Sweeney and passengers Micah Kendrick, Kyle Bennett, Gunter Beaty, and Glenmarkus Walker were all named as victims by their employer science consulting firm CTEH.

“I said my last I love you. He told me he loved me back, and that’s all I have now,” Kia Bursey-Walker, wife of Glenmarkus Walker recalled.

Glenmarkus Walker lived in Little Rock with his wife and four children. They met in their hometown church in Texarkana and Friday his family shared how they want their loved one remembered.

The three things Glenmarkus’ wife and brother both described him as were smart, funny, and giving when it came to time, advice or whatever someone needed that he had. Without any more to give, they are having a hard time.

“He was an amazing father, an amazing husband,” Kia described. “Everything we worked together to make it happen, and I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Glenmarkus Walker was loved by his friends, coworkers, and family. No one loved him more than his wife, Kia.

“He was the embodiment of love for me,” Kia said.

The last time she saw him was Wednesday morning dropping him off at the airport.

“I hugged him, we said, ‘I love you.’ About an hour or two later, I got that phone call.”

The CTEH plane Glenmarkus was on crashed before leaving Little Rock. His brother Courtney Walton was in Ohio, the destination of the flight, when he got the news.

“That was my, that was my boy,” Walton said sharing stories of his best friend and brother.

Courtney works for the CTEH as well and says he had been on the same plane his brother died in more times than he could count.

“You would be comfortable knowing we’re going to come home or we are going to go to destination A and destination B safely, and it’s just knowing it didn’t happen,” Walton said was tough.

The other victims of the crash were Courtney’s friends and coworkers too, and Glenmarkus’s family asks for Arkansas’s continued support as the cause of the crash is investigated and beyond.

“Keep us in prayer. Even when this is over. We still have family. We still have kids,” Kia said.

Glenmarkus Walker was 32. His oldest child was 12 and his youngest was one. Each person who died in the crash left behind a family like him.