SHERIDAN, Ark. — A wildfire in Grant County forced dozens of people to evacuate their homes Sunday. Though officials reported the fire contained late Sunday evening, the fire shifted and forced more evacuations.

The fire started shortly after noon, according to deputies assisting. Strong winds caused the fire to spread near the area where the B-17 memorial in Grant Co. is located, and crews from neighboring towns send fire crews to help.

“[Wind] makes fire control extremely difficult,” said Cain Nattin, a Reserve Deputy for Grant Co. “If the wind died down a little bit, hopefully we’d be able to control the fire a little more.”

The Arkansas Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) provided frequent updates on its Twitter account. Shortly before 9 p.m., the account tweeted, “the fire has started to move again,” adding officials started to evacuate homes in the 1500 block of Grant 57 to the 1000 block of Grant 51.

“At this time no injuries reported & no homes impacted,” the account tweeted.

Just an hour before, ADEM provided an update that indicated the worst was over.

“Grant Co. authorities report the wildfire fire [sic] is still burning but is contained. No injuries or damages to homes reported. Evacuees are being allowed to return home. The Red Cross & local churches have been assisting 1st responders with food & water,” the tweet said.

Nattin said the Sheridan Fire Dept. will investigate what started the fire when it has been thoroughly doused, but evacuations and public safety are the focal point of officials’ steps at this time.

“They’re homeowners, they’re landowners but this is for the safety of their lives,” Nattin said.

Nattin said it is important to be careful during this time of year to prevent situations like this from happening. Even seemingly damp conditions will not prevent wildfires from spreading.

“The ground’s wet,” Nattin said. “We had rain, but the wind’s killing us. If you start a fire near a pine thicket, it’s going to spread especially with the wind.”