CONWAY, Ark. – What started as just a night out eating with a family, turned into a near death experience when one woman started choking on her food.

Luckily though, a savior was nearby.

Weeks after the incident, the woman came face to face with the person she said saved her life.

As families sit at tables and pars to enjoy dinner, this turned out to be anything but a normal night for Gina Ortale.

“I took a bit of I don’t even know what it was, it was warm and he had asked me a question so at the same time the hotness and the answering his question I went, uh and when I did that was it,” Gina Ortale, the woman whose life was saved said.

She began to choke.

“I believe Satan tried to take me out that night,” Ortale stated.

A total stranger in the restaurant came to save her life.

“She said Heimlich, do you need the Heimlich and I went like this and I could feel my legs buckling, stars,” stated Ortale.

“My husband said, I think that lady over there is struggling, and I turned around and she was doing all of the things, so I shoved my daughter out of the booth and ran over and gave her the Heimlich three times,” said woman who saved Gina’s life, Amber Evans.

If it wasn’t for Amber, Gina may not be alive today to tell her testimony.

“Of course you can’t help but get filled with emotion when you finally meet the person that saved your life and God sent her there at that time for that reason,” said Ortale.

Now, getting to embrace the woman who acted so quickly, Ortale said she wants to call on the legislature to make a change in Arkansas laws, training all restaurant employees across the state on how to be trained on these types of situations.

“We need an Amber law because the restaurant owners and managers need to know what to do when there is a case like this,” said Ortale.