WARREN, Ark. — A concerned sister believes her autistic brother was left badly bruised and suffered a broken collarbone while under the care of staff members at the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center, a state run facility in Warren.

“They can’t explain what happened to my brother,” Belinda Lint says.

Lint shared photos of what she says are black and blue bruising around her brother, Gary’s, shoulder, arm and neck.

She says she snapped the photos while visiting him this past weekend.

“They say he’s not in pain, but he has to be,” Belinda says.

Gary, who is unable to speak, has lived at the facility for nine years.

The Department of Human Services runs the operation, which houses intellectually disabled patients.

It houses up to 104 patients, according to the center’s website.

DHS confirmed that an employee has been placed on leave and that an investigation is ongoing but could not confirm if it is related to any specific case until the investigation is completed.

“If they’re doing this to my brother that I visit regularly, what are they doing to these people that aren’t visited by their families?” Belinda says.

“It angers me because I work with developmentally disabled people, and I could not dream of hurting one of my clients.”

For now, Belinda and her family are left waiting and wondering what really happened.

Gary remains at the center but Belinda hopes to move him to a place that’s closer to where she lives, which is in Jacksonville.

She says she wants to be the voice for her brother who is unable to use his own.

“We just want some answers, and we just want some justice for my brother.”