Woman targets nursing homes in wallet theft cases

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CABOT, Ark. — A bold criminal is caught on camera targeting nursing home facilities in Central Arkansas. 

Now police need your help identifying the woman responsible. 

“It was at one of those times she just, I guess got lucky,” Austin Wright, the administrator for Greystone Nursing and Rehab facility in Cabot said. 

A welcoming facility received an unwelcomed guest Friday. 

“She was only in here for about 2 minutes,” Wright said. 

But in that time, she walked into two offices at Greystone and made off with an employee’s wallet. 

“Come to find out it was around 2:45 which is right around our shift change.”

“We have a lot of employees in and out,” Wright said. 

But Cabot Police say it wasn’t just the time that helped the woman go unnoticed. 

“The female in this, she’s wearing scrub attire which is common for nurses, so they’re trying to look the part when they go into these facilities,” Sgt. Chris Reilly with the Cabot Police Department said. 

Turns out, a few hours earlier and 30 miles away in west Little Rock, the same woman was spotted at another assisted living facility. 

Victims there say she stole 2 employees’ wallets including social security cards. 

“Once they get access, if they look the part, they can take stuff from the employees,” Sgt. Reilly said. 

So employees are now working to be diligent about closing their office doors and alerting others that the woman is still on the loose. 

In both cases, the woman police identified immediately went to Walmart – one in Sherwood and one in Jacksonville. 

It was the victims’ banks that originally notified the women that their wallets were stolen. 

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