Wooster family bulids wall around house to protect it from floodwater

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WOOSTER, Ark.-Floodwater from the Arkansas River continues to impact thousands of homes and businesses.

One family in Faulkner County is doing everything they can to protect their house.

Todd and Tammie Dawn Patton built a wall around their house. They’ve experienced flooding before, but never like this and praying the river will return to normal soon.

Driving on a boat is the routine for Todd Patton and his family.

He takes Fox 16 News on a boat ride down Patton Road in Wooster. It’s covered by water.

“I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve seen it over that road 3 times,” Todd Patton said.

“I grew up on this creek right here. I’ve seen it out of its Banks a thousand times but nothing ever like this,” Todd Patton said.

Their basketball goal and even their swimming pool surrounded by 40 inches of floodwater from the Arkansas River.

“You see this stuff all the time on tv but you don’t think it would happen to you. Here we are it happened to us,” Todd Patton said.

“I mean we’ve worked so hard trying to get this out of the house,” Tammie Dawn Patton said.

They started building this wall around their home with help from the community.

”A bunch of people showed up, and we just went to moving blocks it took about 5 hours,” Todd Patton said.

They’ve also moved thousands of sandbags.

“For 3 or 4 days we have been re-sandbagging and sandbagging on top of sandbags,” Tammie Dawn Patton said.

They’ve also used generators for an extra layer of protection.

”We don’t have flood insurance, and we’re just trying to keep it out of the house,” Tammie Dawn Patton said.

With more long days, the Pattons’ are hoping it will soon be over.

”I never dreamed that it would be anything like this,” Tammie Dawn Patton said.

The Patton’s said this wouldn’t be possible without help from the towns’ football team, county workers and several volunteers who worked hours getting the job done.

The family says everyday they’re adding more visqueen and sand bags to make sure the wall stays high.

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