Local restaurant helping in Louisiana with storm relief efforts


JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — The restaurant industry has taken a real hit amid the coronavirus pandemic, but one small sandwich shop in Jacksonville is putting their worries on the back burner to help those in real need right now.

After hurricane Laura smacked into Louisiana the guys from Keith & CO knew they had to do something, but not without a little help from their local community.

“I believe in sewing kindness and love anytime I can.” said Darin Keith owner Keith & CO.

Hearts & hands for serving is why Darin Keith opened Keith & CO sandwich shop in Jacksonville.

“Actually when I opened the restaurant that was kind of my goal was to try to bring people together,” said Keith.

Recently with the help of his head chef Chris Busick, the pair cooked up a different way to serve.

“We just got back from Louisiana yesterday and we fed a little over five hundred people friday saturday sunday and now we are trying to get supplies back together to go down and feed some more people,” said Chris Busick.

The two hauled this food trailer down to Lake Charles to help feed those affected by the recent hurricane.

“Literally anybody that came that wanted to eat we fed them,” said Busick

Now they are gearing up to do it again thanks in part to their Arkansas community they serve daily.

“I just made a post on Facebook and immediately people started reaching out saying how can we help,” said Keith

Keith says they are accepting donations and hope to hit the road and be serving up those hurricane victims by the end of the week.

“At the end of the day we are all in it together and just try to help somebody,” said Keith.

If you want to find out more on how you can help click HERE.

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