LR Apartment tenants speak out after apartment issues, saying there’s no communication from management


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A few people living in a Little Rock apartment complex are speaking out Sunday after having issues with their apartments. The tenants who live at Normandy Place said their frustrated with the living conditions and it’s a headache trying to get in contact with management.

“Come down more to check on your tenants and check on your property,” Tenant at Normandy Place Angela Bethune said. 

A clear message from Angela Bethune to her landlords at the Normandy Place Apartments.

Sunday Bethune showed her Little Rock home and what she said she’s been living with for almost a year. 
“We have rats, you can see the rat catchers over here,” Bethune said. “This is the third weekend my air has been out. They come fix it, it go back out.”

Things came to a boiling point this weekend when Bethune said she was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion and a panic attack. She said her calls to management to get the air condition fixed haven’t been returned.

“They ignore my calls, not communicating with me, it’s ridiculous,” Bethune said.

In an email from a spokesperson for the property managers — they tell us all of these issues have been addressed.

Here’s the full statement:“The property owners and property manager take great pride in creating and maintaining a comfortable environment for our residents. The reports of these few tenants are highly exaggerated and not reflective of the management or condition of the property, or representative of the view of other residents. We log and address all resident concerns in a timely manner, including all requests for maintenance. We have taken additional safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the safety and comfort of our residents, which in some cases has slowed non-essential repairs. However, any delay has been done in conjunction or at the request of the resident.”

  1. Rat issue

“Normandy Place has regular pest control services that was there as recently as this week to address a single complaint of a rat found on the property.”

  1. HVAC

“HVAC issues are addressed as soon as possible after being reported by a resident. Temporary units are offered when a repair can not be completed within 24 hours, as was the case this weekend with the resident that contacted you.”

  1. Gas

“A major gas repair occurred in April at which time the gas to all units was inspected and in working condition. As the gas is only for the heat, we would not be aware of any additional issues with the gas unless a resident had reported this to us. Per our maintenance protocol, all units are inspected prior to the heating season to ensure they are in good working condition.”

Meanwhile there are other tenants said that’s from their experience. 

“It was not exaggerated at all, like I said I just moved out here… it’s some many issues that’s going on with my apartment,” a disabled tenant who didn’t want to be identified said.

“You’re expecting good quality apartments and not getting what you paid for. You’re asking for things to get fixed and it’s not getting fixed,” tenant Hannah Bennett said. 

“It’s like a wild goose hunt kinda, like we’ll call them,” another tenant, Sen Ellis said. “We’ll leave messages, they’ll say they’ll get back to us or they just won’t call us back at all.”

Several other people approached our news crew while on the property to share their stories too. 

“I had a gas leak, I had to call the fire department. They came out, the day they came in and turned my gas off. That was in April, they still haven’t turned my gas back on,” A tenant who didn’t want to be identified said. 

Many of the people living here said they are ready for their lease to end so they can move. Bethune said I’d things don’t change, she will go to a hotel.

“It’s horrible over here, I hate it,” Bethune said. “If I have to go live up under a bridge. I’m over this place right here.”

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