LR COVID-19 task-force prepares for what’s to come, hotels offering rooms to help


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The nationwide emergency continues here in the capital city.

Tonight the Little Rock COVID-19 task force had a meeting to talk about ways to prepare for more cases.

Although all organizations have a surge plan for disasters COVID-19 requires a lot more, but one-thing health officials emphasize tonight is that it’s important for them to be prepared for what’s to come and that’s why they had this meeting.

“The number of people that need help is astronomical,” said a man with a local hospital.

The number of COVID-19 cases is on the rise, and as they continue to rise in Arkansas local hospitals, medical officials and city leaders in Little Rock come together to think of ways to prepare.

“The local hotels here, community have been very grateful to be included and we are very grateful that they even offered,” said Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. didn’t name the 10 hotels who have stepped up to help, but he said there would be 1,000 rooms available if needed.

They’re also planning for the homeless too.

“There is a facility, I think with a 25 room occupancy in town that will be primarily for the homeless that require quarantine,” said Steppe Mette the UAMS Chief Executive officer.

Another thing they touched on is ways to help health care workers with children.

“We’re asking our health care workers to find alternative solutions for their children and that’s difficult and if we don’t find someone there out of the workplace so it’s a vital thing for us,” said Mette.

Health officials say they have a long way to go in order to prepare for what’s to come with COVID-19. They will continue to make changes as the number of cases change.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday.

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