LR fire damages 12 apartments, 2 buildings


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– More than a dozen people look for a new place to live in Little Rock after an early morning fire. 

The blaze damaged apartments in 2 different buildings in the Hillcrest Neighborhood around 4 Saturday morning.

LRFD confirmed paramedics treated one person for burns at the scene. 

3-alarm fire displaces tenants in 2 apartment buildings Saturday.
Per @littlerockfire:
🔹Happened just before 4am in Hillcrest
🔹Location: corner of Pine St. & Kavanaugh Blvd.
🔹More than a dozen residents impacted
🔹1 treated on scene w/ minor injuries #ARNews— Price McKeon (@PriceMcKeon) March 16, 2019

LRFD said the fire started in the 600 block of Pine Street near Kavanaugh Boulevard then spread to another apartment building. 

Fire investigators said it does not appear to be arson. 

We learned from LRFD that witnesses reported a candle may have caught a couch on fire. 

A neighbor recorded the fire raging through the apartment buildings early Saturday. 

Kelsey Campbell lived in the building and next to the unit where firefighters believe the fire started.

She showed us a childhood book of hers. 

“It is soaked,” Campbell said. 

By Saturday afternoon she was packing what she could save from her Pine Street place. 

“Like it could’ve been a lot worse. Look at it. Like it could be a lot worse,” she said. 

A disaster clean up company boarded up the unit next to her as she continued to sort through her belongings. 

Campbell described what she saw, “Completely normal in my apartment  then I opened the door and and everything was just like vividly just like hell fire.”

We met Jen Williams as she was going through her place at the apartment building next door.

“The first thought that went through my mind was ‘Thank God everybody was ok,'” Williams said. 

Flames spread from the Pine Street building next door to the apartment building where Williams lived. 

She said, “Everything smells like smoke, (I’m) Just cleaning (and) emptying all my stuff (and) moving in a day.”

LRFD said every unit in both buildings sustained damage forcing 13 people to move. A dozen units were reported damaged. 

Campbell told us, “We were just trying to get people out of the building.”

She showed us the damage inside her apartment. The comic book collector had water dripping still dripping from her ceiling hours after firefighters left. 

“Get people out. You don’t think. You just do,” Campbell said.

Parts of the roof rest on her neighbor’s bed.

Campbell said, “It’s coming in waves. The emotions are coming in waves.”

We learned 5 dozen firefighters fought the flames then tried to prevent more damage by covering belongings. 

Here’s the @littlerockfire response:
🚒 Engines 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 (3ppl. on each)
🚒 Rescue 2 (5ppl. / heavy rescue)
🚒 Trucks 1, 4, 7, 9, 15 (3 ppl. each)
🚒 Battalion Chief 1, 2, 9, 11
🚒 + High ranking officials in department #ARNews— Price McKeon (@PriceMcKeon) March 16, 2019

“I’m still in shock. Honestly, I’m still processing it. I haven’t slept,” she said. 

Friends and family helped people pack as they process everyone somehow made it out alive. 

The American Red Cross assisted the victims. We learned the landlords are also helping the tenants find other living arrangements. 

We learned that one cat died in the fire. 

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