LRPD: 65-year-old woman reportedly robbed by man with stun gun


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– A Little Rock Police report reads a 65-year-old woman told officers she was on lunch break in her car outside the Stein Mart on Cantrell Road Friday when a man with a stun gun tried to rob her. 

The report indicates the suspect reportedly used a stun gun on the victim nearly a dozen times. 

LRPD responded to the parking lot of Stein Mart on Cantrell Road around 3:30 Friday afternoon. 

We found people stunned at the Little Rock shopping center Monday. 

Shannon McMath said, “Oh my gosh. Um… um… yeah. I’m shocked.”

She was not the only person we talked with who reacted the same way after hearing what reportedly happened 3 days earlier.

Lola Philpott said, “I think if she had conceal carry she could’ve taken care of the problem right then and there.”

“Wow! I can’t believe it. In the middle of the day and in this area too,” McMath said.  

According to a LRPD report,  a 65-year-old woman told officers while in her car on her lunch break last Friday outside of Stein Mart a man tried to rob her using a stun gun. 

Officer said after a brief fight she was able to make it out the passenger side door but not before the suspect reportedly used the stun gun on her the same number of times we use one in this report- 10 times. 

“Wow! That’s so scary,” McMath said. 

“If he had stun me if would’ve been the last time he would’ve stun me or anybody else,” Philpott said. 

The victim’s husband told our reporter off camera that the 65-year-old’s shaken up and trying to recover the best she can. 

McMath said, “It makes you scared to come out here now.”

Until the shock settles some people said they’re rethinking their lunch spot. 

“I don’t want that to happen to me,” McMath said. 

Police said that the suspect took off heading south in the direction where there are apartments but officers say they could not find the man.

We reached out to Stein Mart who confirmed the victim is an employee. 

Spokesperson Linda Tasseff wrote to our reporter Price McKeon who reached out for a comment the following statement:

“Hello Price. Thank you for reaching out to me regarding the unfortunate incident last Friday involving one of our Little Rock store associates.We are working with authorities to assist in any way that we can during this ongoing investigation. Thank you for your concern.


LRPD said this remains an open investigation with no arrests yet. 

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