LRSD Hosts Meet & Greet for Controversial Superintendant Candidate

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A candidate for the Little Rock School Superintendent’s job that some parents find controversial was front and center for the public on Monday.

Springfield’s Superintendent, Dr. Walter Milton, Jr. is saying social media has tried to define him, and he’s worked to defend his reputation.

Milton has faced controversy in the past, and on Monday he submitted binders to the public in an effort to set the record straight on who he is as a superintendent.

“Some of you have begun to define me with social media. I’m here to introduce you to the real me,” Milton said.

Dr. Milton says as a superintendent, his records speaks for itself. He says student achievement has increased and schools have stopped shrinking in Springfield during his tenure.

He points to establishing a Parent Advisory Council and an effort to expand opportunities for students with disabilities.

When it comes to headlines he’s made in the past, he points to political motivations and misinformation being responsible, but some parents, like Facebook organizer Jim Ross, aren’t convinced his achievements outweigh his proverbial baggage.

“Across three districts there is either a vast conspiracy against Dr. Milton, or he has made a series of bad choices across three districts. The latter is the most logical,” Ross says.

Monday marked the last meet-and-greet for these superintendent finalists.

The board will now move forward on making a final decision on who it would like to hire.

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