LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A lawsuit with the Little Rock School District (LRSD) has reached a settlement on Monday.

The Covington Doe lawsuit says that there was racial disparity within the district and that it was apparent in terms of buildings, attendance zones and even programs offered.

LRSD Superintendent Michael Poore says he doesn’t believe the district has done anything to discriminate against African American students since unitary status was reached but not everyone agrees.

Franklin Furlough is a substitute teacher and a grandparent of students in the Little Rock school district. He says that there is some degree of racial inequality within the district.

“I’m dealing with more Caucasians at Central than I do at any other school in the LRSD,” said Franklin Furlough.

Superintendent Poore announced Monday a settlement to a lawsuit against the district. A lawsuit that in part claimed racial discrimination.

“As a part of the settlement the plaintiffs have agreed to release the district from all liability,” says Superintendent Poore.

Among the grievances outlined in the lawsuit — a failure for the district to repair and maintain buildings at schools where the majority of students are African American, specifically Cloverdale, Henderson and McClellan.   

“We have to do that,” Poore said.

Poore says the district acquired a second lien loan for $90 million dollars to specifically fund repairs, maintenance and even the construction of the new Southwest High School.

Helping to alleviate another big issue within the district: boundary lines.

“They’ll haul a kid all the way from across town to another school rather than let them go to a school that’s closer to them,” Furlough said.

Poore says the boundary changes will be looked at closer to when the new southwest high school is completed.

The Little Rock School District expects to break ground in October.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit received $100,000 for legal fees and aren’t allowed to pursue further litigation.