LRSD Superintendent discusses impact of strike


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The Little Rock School District (LRSD) released the numbers of staff and student absences Thursday as the Little Rock Education Association had a one-day strike.

According to LRSD, about 725 out of 3,200 employees did not show up to work Thursday.

District officials say 491 out of about 1,800 teachers called in sick. 116 were classified as no call, no show.

According to the district, 98 classified staff out of 1,400 called in sick. 20 additional classified staff did not call or show.

District officials say all school resource officers are on duty.

Thirteen of the 75 LRSD Safety and Security Officers are out sick. These 13 Safety and Security Officers were included in the Classified Sick absences, district officials say.

According to Superintendent Michael Poore, teachers and staff members who did not call or show up are at risk of losing pay, which is about $290.

Poore says if a teacher or staff member called in and took part in the picket line, they would face “a different discipline” which “could be anything up to termination.”

According to district officials, 10,149 students were in attendance Thursday out of the 23,337 enrolled.

Officials say 6,542 elementary students were in attendance Thursday out of the 12,605 enrolled.

Officials say 2,132 middle school students were in attendance Thursday out of the 4,829 enrolled.

District officials say 1,475 high schoolers were in attendance Thursday out of the 5,903 students enrolled.

“Any form of things that happen during this day, it’s different than what we have on a given day,” says Poore. “And when you have less staff that’s there, all we can do is try to provide everything we can to make it as normal as possible.”

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