Lubbock climate scientist says climate change and religion are not mutually exclusive

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From Green Right Now Reports

Texas Tech University climate scientist Dr. Katherine Hayhoe has received accolades, and admonitions.

It’s not easy being an advocate for addressing climate change within the evangelical circles she and her pastor husband inhabit. Conservatives frequently question how she can be a believer in the church, which hews toward political conservatism, and also believe that man-made climate change is an urgent issue.

But doesn’t deter Hayhoe, who co-authored the book A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions,  with her husband, Andrew Farley.

Hayhoe forges onward, teaching classes at TTU, and speaking to a wide range of audiences.

Read more about the professor’s work and hopes that the US can come to a better understanding of climate change in this article by longtime environmental writer Michael D. Limonick at Climate Central.



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